"It's All About The HookUp!"

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile,so why overwork yourself!

Nothing is promised in this life,not even life itself. I feel (but who am I) that you have an obligation to make everyday enjoyable and accountable.Basically,you are incharge of your happiness and what are you doing about it!!

It's time to hold yourself accountable for whatever it is in your life that you are unhappy with and change it.No one can make the proper adjustments or tweaks if they haven't identified exactly what it is they want to obtain.

Once this in accomplished you're on your way to really living.

Laugh as often as you can it's healthy and downright fun. I'm not saying to blantantly break out and start laughing,but if something is funny laugh don't be so pinned up or so reserve that you can't enjoy a good joke or prank without thinking about it first.

Ahhhhhhhhh LOVE!!!

Loves the ticket,Love comes in many shapes,forms and relationships.You have many facets of love ranging from family to marital and beyond.

We all love many people many different ways.We're loved by many different people many different ways.Love in avenue or capacity I feel is a wonderfully good thing.

Love has many ingredients respect,trust,understanding,admiration and unconditional to name afew.

The biggest part of love is forgiveness.Yes,forgiveness will always come into to play when you truly love or care for someone.

Some people can not get past being hurt or disrespectful actions.Families have broken apart because of infidelity and ill trangressions.Some actions can be very hard pills to swallow and can sever the strongest of bonds.Eventually the wounds will heal but the bond will never return to what it was even in family situations.

Love and trust are terrible things to go awry.

Respect,love and trust are very hard to regain once lost,it's a privilege!

September is the Live,Laugh,Love month with StraightUp HookUps!

It's All About The HookUps!

HookUps for a better life!!

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