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A Mother's Day to remember!

We jetted off to Miami,my mom,seed and I!

Met up with the group on the ship!

Great group of interesting women and I'm looking forward to doing again next year!

We had a few meals together and a meet and greet,other than that it was freestyling all the way!!!

So I hung out with my son,while my mom hung out with afew other mothers. You see my son and I are beach bums,we could live on the beach if we could. My mother is a whole different story,she'll accompany but soon depart! Gotta love her!

Atlantis,Atlantis,Atlantis this was the highlight of my son's trip. This place is AMAZING! It has everything you could imagine and then some. The waterpark is off the meter,a lazy river drifting past marine life,floating past sharks only separated by glass...AWESOME!!! Watersliding thru ruins and so many other water features,different pools and activities. We will be making a return trip to Atlantis!

My son made friends,played basketball,drove some golf balls on the range,played arcade games went to teen center played wii and other games he was a very happy camper. I made a few connections within  our group and outside.

It's always cool to meet someone cool while traveling!

So Get Up and Get Out, Off Your Norm,TRAVEL!!!

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